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Food Safety Supervisors Refresher Course 

It is important that the food safety supervisor has a ‘Refresher Course’ on their responsibilities in relation to the food safety program and their staff.

This course is designed to refresh all the requirements of a food safety program and reinforce the importance of the supervisor and staff in following those policies and procedures that are detailed in the food safety program.

It is helpful if the organisation’s food safety program is brought with the food safety supervisor to the training session as this will help the student achieve the most out of the training. 

Who should attend ? 
Anyone involved in the supervision of staff handling, preparing or serving of food to the public.
  • catering, food businesses
  • hospitals, nursing homes, hostels
  • child care centres, canteens
  • other businesses that have a food safety program
Learning Outcomes 
  1. Identify and understand the components of a food safety program: hazards, controls, monitoring and records required.
  1. Describe the basic food safety practices to ensure compliance with the food safety standards and your food safety program.
  1. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the food safety supervisor and management.
Three hours. Coffee and Tea will be provided.
  • on site
  • all states

Participants receive student notes, infectious diseases pamphlets, food safety and food safety supervisor fact sheets and the latest statistics on food poisoning/contamination outbreaks.

An assessment of the student will be undertaken during the session. An evaluation will occur at the end of the course.

Participants will receive a "Certificate of Attendance" once they have successfully passed the assessment.

Further Information

For further information or details on how the course is delivered, please contact Lyn Charlesworth at

Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1901
Sunshine Plaza,
Queensland 4558

0411 174 243


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