Serve-Safe offers a range of plastic chopping boards.

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Plastic Chopping Boards

Four-Pack of Coloured Chopping Boards

Four-pack of coloured cutting boards. Using colour-coded cutting boards for specific food types minimises the danger of food poisoning by cross-contamination. Two medium size boards and two smaller boards are included in the pack.  

  • yellow  250mm x 150mm
  • blue  300mm x 200mm
  • green  340mm x 250mm
  • red  340mm x 250mm

Price AU$16 per four-pack + GST
Standard (Medium) Size Chopping Boards
Recommended use of colour-coded chopping boards

Colour-coded plastic cutting boards are a practical addition to any kitchen, encouraging staff to keep different food types separate during preparation to avoid cross-contamination occuring. The tough surface prevents heavy scoring, which has the potential to harbour bacteria.

A set of colour-coded boards is a logical aid to food preparation: 

  • yellow  for dairy products,
  • green  for vegetables and fruit,
  • red  for raw meats and poultry &
  • white  for sandwiches and cooked meats
Medium Size Board (340mm x 250mm) in  Yellow, Green, Red or White. 
Price AU$8 each + GST.

Further Information

The products on this page are offered for sale by Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd. ACN 079222512. 

Prices shown do not include Postage and Handling.

Email enquiries can be directed to

Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1901 Sunshine Plaza Queensland 4558 Australia
PO Box 184 Box Hill Victoria 3128 Australia
Phone 1300 139 641


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