GlitterBug Handwashing Education Tools

Infection control is a serious business; however, the GlitterBug products provide an interactive and entertaining way that teaches the fundamentals of proper handwashing.

The GlitterBug fluorescent potion or powder is used under a UVA lamp making it possible to see how well hands have been washed. This can be used as an educational tool to show food handlers how to wash their hands correctly and why it is so important.

An information sheet is provided with each GlitterBug product which shows how to use each product effectively.

GB1 GlitterBug Spot Shooter 7 $100 +GSTGlitterbug Spot Shooter 7
This UVA lamp looks like a torch and shines a UVA beam directly from 7 LEDs. This can be operated in either  continuous or push button modes.

Unit measures: 108mm x 23mm. Two long lasting lithium C123 batteries are included.

GB2 GlitterBug Glowbar Lamp $120 +GST
GlitterBug Glowbar Lamp
This UVA lamp is a convenient size with a bright bulb and long lasting batteries. As a portable unit it is possible to scan a pair of hands as well as surfaces.
Unit measures: 324mm x 79mm x 41mm.  Four D-cell batteries are included.

GB3 GlitterBug Keychain Light $20 +GST
GlitterBug Keychain Light
When used with Glitterbug Potion, this lamp's high intensity UVA LED light shows you those areas missed when hands are not washed properly. (Do not shine directly into the eyes)

GB4 GlitterBug Potion (240ml) $35 + GST
GlitterBug Potion
Teach good hand washing technique magically!.  The florescent potion is formulated from a UV fluorescent powder mixed in a special hand lotion. Over 200 applications from a 240ml bottle.

GB5 GlitterBug Powder (70g) $35 +GST
GlitterBug Powder
The fluorescent powder can be used to actually show the trail of contamination from hands to doorknobs or visa versa. This is used in conjunction with a UVA lamp.

GB6 GlitterBug Handwash Instructional Manual $15 +GST
Glitterbug Handwash Instrucion Manual
This 66 page manual contains product information, demonstrations, customer capers, infection control week ideas, crossword puzzle, MSDS sheets and more.

GB7 GlitterBug Handwash Timer $12 +GST
GlitterBug Handwash Timer
This cute handwash timer has a 20 second ‘hourglass’ for a properly timed wash. Attaches with a suction cup. Just rotate to get started and send germs down the drain.

The GlitterBug products are made in the USA. 
The products on this page are offered for sale by Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd. ACN 079222512. 

Prices shown do not include Postage and Handling.

Products may be ordered by posting or emailing your official purchase order to the address below. You will receive an invoice following the receipt of your order.

Email enquiries can be directed to

Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1901
Sunshine Plaza,
Queensland 4558

0411 174 243

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