Serve-Safe offers a range of food thermometers. All thermometers displayed on this website are accurate to + / - 1C.

All prices are shown in Australian Dollars
Prices shown are current as at June 2011 and are subject to change without notice.

Digital Food Thermometers

Temperature monitoring of freezer and refrigerated units, bain-maries and food itself is recommended for all food businesses. 

Our professional-grade digital thermometers offer quality plus value, and come complete with clear detailed instructions for use.

HLP Magnetic Refrigerator Thermometer
HLP Magnetic Refrigerator Thermometer
The probe of this thermometer can go into a refridgerator or a freezer and measures the internal and external temperature. Very easy to use. Follow the instructions on the pamphlet. 
Price AU$50 + GST

AW-298 Digital Thermometer 
AW-298 Digital Thermometer
Easy to use, easy to read. Just insert the stainless steel probe into the food and the temperature will show on display (-50C to 260C). Reads Maximum and Minimum temperatures. 
Price AU$60 + GST

PDT 300 Digital Thermometer
PDT 300 Digital Thermometer
Convenient pocket size, with easy to follow instructions. Complete with a Low Battery Indicator. 
Price AU$80 + GST

Checktemp 1 Thermometer
Checktemp 1 Thermometer
This thermometer has a one metre cable between the meter and probe, making it ideal for measurements in difficult to reach places.  With a measuring range of –50C to +150C and an optional upright stand. Checktemp 1 provides fast, accurate measurements.
Price AU$100 + GST

Checktemp C Thermometer
Checktemp C Thermometer
This easy to use thermometer is particularly suitable for core temperatures, with readings displayed on the large screen.  Checktemp C is a pocket thermometer with an all in one unit that combines probe and meter.  An important part of your business requirements.
Price AU$90 + GST

HI 147 ThermometerHI 147 Thermometer
The HI 147 is a robust thermometer with a large easy to read digital display and is ideal for refrigerators and freezers. Two strong magnets on its back allow it to be attached to a metal
surface while its one metre silicon cable and probe are inserted into a refridgerator or freezer unit.
Price AU$125 + GST

TCT303 Thermometer
TCT303 Thermometer
An infrared and foldable probe thermometer which is waterproof.
Price AU$175 + GST

Further Information

The products on this page are offered for sale by Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd. ACN 079222512. 

Prices shown do not include Postage and Handling.

Products may be ordered by posting or emailing your official purchase order to the address below. You will receive an invoice following the receipt of your order.

Email enquiries can be directed to

Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1901
Sunshine Plaza,
Queensland 4558

0411 174 243

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