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Serve-Safe offers unbiased, professional advice on all matters relevant to safe practice within the food and health industry - from internal food safety audits, review of the food safety program, food safety training to clarification of food legislation.

Internal Food Safety Audits

An internal food safety audit can give management the first step towards a hygienic work environment. It will identify any issues or concerns, from the receipt of goods to the delivery and serving of food. The assessment provides recommendations for action to overcome areas of non-compliance.

This audit will also assess whether staff are complying with  the Food Safety Standards and this may include the organisation's food safety program.

Review of the Food Safety Program

A food business must conduct a review of the food safety program, at least annually, to ensure its adequacy.  A review ensures the food safety program is achieving its objective of controlling all potential food safety hazards.

The review of the food safety program ensures that what is written in the program is actually happening in the business. 

It is best that the review of the food safety program takes place with the food safety supervisor, chef or manager, or someone who understands the operations in the kitchen.

Further Information

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