October 2011

Serve-Safe offers food safety training courses and expert consultancy to the food, hospitality and health industries. We also sell food safety products and educational resources such as DVDs, food safety books, children's food safety books, food safety posters, food safety stickers, food safety digital thermometers, GlitterBug hand washing training products and educational food safety question and answer games.

Company Profile
Food Safety Training Courses
Educational Products:  Food Safety DVDs & Books  
                                     Food Safety Posters                                       

                                     Food Safety Stickers
                                     GlitterBug Hand Washing Training Products
Food Safety Digital Thermometers

Consulting Services

Serve-Safe Food Hygiene Training Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1901
Sunshine Plaza,
Queensland 4558

0411 174 243

Email enquiries can be directed to servsafe@ozemail.com.au